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Why Visit Viana Castelo From Porto?

Viana do Castelo -It is a city full of color and traditions. Known as the Princess of Lima, the city was modernized while maintaining the traditional nature and culture above all. Minho colorful costumes, accompanied by the folk spirit, perpetuate the regional roots, as well as the Minho embroidery, crockery Viana and jewelry made of filigree.

Vila do Conde - It is a beautiful city located on the bank of the river Ave, and close to the sea, fishing harbor and, increasingly, tourist center. The origins of the town are very old, and there being a Castro Celta in the eighth century B.C on the hill overlooking the River Ave. From the III century B.C is occupied by Romans who choose to move the population to lowlands around the lot. Vila do Conde was also populated by Swabians, between the fifth and sixth centuries.

Ponte de Lima - It is a beautiful village, overlooking the river Lima, located in the green Minho. The area of Ponte de Lima has been inhabited since the earliest days of prehistory, with many megalithic monuments throughout the county, and here the past many people over the centuries. The most emblematic monument of this cultural heritage is the bridge that crosses the river Lima, with its fifteen large stone arches that characterizes the village itself.

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Vila do Conde has always had a strong connection with the sea, which further spiked with the construction of the shipyard in the Age of Discovery. The heritage of this quiet town is an important and unique beauty, it is possible to prove in the beautiful monastery of Santa Clara with his Church and Casa Conventual

Palacio Queluz Sintra

Nau replica sixteenth used during the Portuguese maritime expansion. The ship, well designed, satisfied a greater need for cargo capacity than previously known in Portuguese voyages. The trips to India were so long that forced ships to transport large amounts of solid and liquid food to keep the crew


This is a region occupied by men since for many centuries, there remains the foundation of a fortified city around 900 BC, always with a strong relationship with the vast sea. In the early Middle Ages it was a poor fishing community, making it even in the main port of the country Northern fishing in the eighteenth century.


Santa Luzia Sanctuary One of the "ex libris" "city, from their location reveals a unique view of the region, which combines the sea, the river Lima with its valley, and all the mountains surrounding complex panorama considered one of the best of the second world National Geographic


Town center of Viana do Castelo In the city that grew along the river Lima, the Renaissance styles can be observed, Manueline, Baroque and Art Deco. The urban fabric highlights the historic center, which forms a rectangle bounded by the remains of ancient walls.

Here intersecting alleys with major arteries facing the river Lima, and the highlights are the old Gothic cathedral, which dates back to the fifteenth century, the Misericordia (XVI century), the Chapel of Souls, and the building of the former House Municipal, at the Republic Square (formerly Queen's Square) with a fountain in granite, with a bowl of double and tank, built in 1559.


Ponte de Lima is the oldest Portuguese village, with charter designed in 1125 by D. Teresa, the mother of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal. Its quiet lanes of picturesque houses, typically Minho breathe history, integrating a large number of solar and palatial homes, considered the capital of the country of residence of Tourism

Chapel Guardian Angel - possibly dates back to a primitive temple in late-Romanesque style, built at the end of the thirteenth century as a place of worship with that important river crossing point.

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