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About Sintra and Mafra

Sintra - The village of Sintra is 30 km from Lisbon offers a preview of the Paradise. The micro-climate there, guarantees a permanent freshness to the village and the growth of lush vegetation, making this a mysterious and deeply romantic place. The Palace of the Village, the Palace of the Pena and the Castle of the Moors stand out. In 1995 the city of Sintra was classified World Heritage of Humanity. Great European writers such as Lord Byron or the celebrated Hans Christian Andersen sought inspiration in this magical place where nature speaks for itself.

Mafra - Is famous for its palace-convent, built by King John V in the eighteenth century as a result of a vow that the young king had made if the queen D. Maria Anna of Austria gave him his descendants, the Palace of Mafra is the most significant monument Of the Baroque in Portugal, integrating a Royal Palace, a Basilica, a Franciscan Convent and an important Library, synthesis of the encyclopedic knowledge of the century. XVIII.

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Mafra Palace was built by D. João V in the first half of the 19th century. XVIII, as a result of a vote that the young king made if the queen D. Maria Ana of Austria gave him descendants, the Palace of Mafra is the most significant monument of the baroque in Portugal, integrating a Royal Palace, a Basilica, a Franciscan Convent And an important Library, synthesis of the encyclopedic knowledge of the century. XVIII.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument - (Closed on Tuesdays) (*)

Mafra's greatest treasure is the library, with a collection of more than 40,000 books with gold-bound leather bindings, including a first edition of Luís de Camões's Os Lusíadas. In the reign of D. João VI the Palace was inhabited all year round in 1807, before the departure of the court to Brazil, and it is due to the decorative renovation of some of the most important rooms.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument - (Closed on Tuesdays) (*)


SINTRAThroughout Portugal, throughout the land of Europe, Sintra appears as one of the most beautiful and rare places that the prodigious invention of nature has managed to create, "wrote the poet Afonso Lopes Vieira. Sintra is undoubtedly one of the paradises of Portugal, having been declared by UNESCO, in 1995, World Heritage, within the category Cultural Landscape. Its name derives from the word cynthia, symbol of the moon in Celtic mythology. The Romans called Mons Lunae, the moon mount, and there sacrifices were made in his honor.

  • Stop for photos

SINTRA NACIONAL PALACEThe ancient history of the Town Hall of Sintra begins during the Muslim dominion in the Iberian Peninsula. Already mentioned in the eleventh century, the early Moorish palace - property of the Portuguese Crown from the conquest of Lisbon by D. Afonso Henriques (1147), 1st King of Portugal - was first intervened in 1281, during the reign of D. Dinis. New constructive bodies are added over time, under the reigns of D. Dinis, D. João I and D. Manuel I, maintaining their silhouette since the middle of the 16th

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)

QUINTA DA REGALEIRA,The Palace and the Quinta da Regaleira were born in the beginning of the 20th century, from the imagination of its owner, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro, and the architect responsible for the project, the Italian Luigi Manini. From the dream to reality was born the Quinta da Regaleira, a junction of various artistic and architectural trends, from Gothic to Manueline, with a Renaissance touch. The result was a unique creation, full of magical nooks and details that do not hide the union between National history and the mythical and esoteric side, inevitably associated with the Sintra mountain range.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)

MONSERRATE PALACEIs the unique testimony of nineteenth-century ecclesiastics, where the exotic and vegetable motifs of the interior decorate themselves harmoniously on the outside. A style combining Gothic, Indian and Moorish influences is one of the most important examples of Romantic architecture in Portugal.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)

(*) The guides accompany the visit inside the monuments since they can park the car in Safety

Reasons to Make the Tour Sintra Cascais


Visit the Mafra Palace

Sintra e Monumentos em Sintra

Visit the Monuments, Palaces, Sintra Parks

Gastronomy in Sintra

Delight in the famous Cakes Sintra

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    - Price Quinta da Regaleira : 6€
    - Price Monserrate Palace : 8€
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