Private Tours from Oporto

Private Tours in Portugal from OPorto suggested by Celina Tours for those who wish to stay several days in OPorto. Cities like Porto, Coimbra e AveiroBraga, Guimarães are some of the wonders of Portugal. Each city has its History, its Culture, its Flavors and its Soul. For some, the dream is to visit them all, Portugal from north to south.


City Tour Porto Celina Tours

Private City Tour Portoknown worldwide as the "Invicta" City and for its wine

Tour Viana Castelo Celina Tours

Private Tour Viana CasteloMinho Atlantic, Viana Castelo, Vila Conde Ponte de Lima, P. Varzim

Tour Braga Guimarães

Private Tour Braga GuimarãesGuimarães, the birthplace of Portugal, Braga of the oldest Christian cities

Tour Aveiro Coimbra

Private Tour Aveiro CoimbraCoimbra City Students Aveiro the "Venice of Portugal"

Tour Douro Vinhateiro

Private Tour Douro Wine RegionA great tour in the countryside with wine tasting

Private Tour Santiago CompostelaTarget all the major pilgrimage routes of Christianity