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PORTUGAL ESSENTIAL PACKAGE 6 Days for ToursLisbon - 3 Days for ToursPorto - 3 Days for Tours

Per Person556,85€

4 or more501,50€ Per person

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais and Fatima in Central Portugal, and Porto, Douro, Aveiro and Coimbra in Northern Portugal. In 6 days, do not miss the opportunity to discover the most famous areas of the country and take all the photos you want from these places that you usually see on TV, on the Internet or on postcards sent by family and friends! With this script, you will get to know the Best of Portugal: Culture, greasiness and people, We are sure that you will return home satisfied!

LISBON ESSENTIAL PACKAGE 3 Days for Tours Accommodation in Lisbon

Per Person187,85€

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais and Fatima in Central Portugal. In 3 days in the Center, do the 3 most wanted tours in Portugal! From the 7 hills of Lisbon to the Sanctuary of Fatima passing through the Pena Palace in Sintra and Cascais Bay, this itinerary offers a perfect panorama of the charm and culture of the Center of the Country. This itinerary is ideal for those who visit Portugal for the first time or For those who have a reduced time in Lisbon. With only 3 days of tours, you even have time to relax and enjoy the good life of Lisbon!

OPORTO ESSENTIAL PACKAGE 3 Days for Tours Accommodation in Porto

Per Person369€

4 or more313,65€ Per person

Porto, Douro, Aveiro and Coimbra in Northern Portugal. In 3 days, discover the most typical areas of Northern Portugal! Fall in love with the pronunciation of the North, enjoy the atmosphere of the magnificent Ribeira do Porto, be enchanted by the Douro Valleys with a glass of Port wine by hand and marvel at one of the oldest and historic Universities in the World, Known and recognized University of Coimbra. This itinerary is ideal for those who already know the region of the Center and want to make a short but intense immersion in the Northern region of Portugal.

LISBOA 100% ALFACINHA PACKAGE 4 Days for Tours Accommodation in Lisbon

Per Person263,5€

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Arrabida, and one night of Fado in Central Portugal. 3 days of tours in the Center to live like a real Alfacinha! For those who do not know, Alfacinha is the term used in Portugal to designate those who were born in Lisbon. So, if you've always dreamed of the Portuguese Capital, Traditional Lisbon, Lisbon Girl and Moça, Lisbon where Earth ends and the Sea begins, one has always wondered what it is like to live in Lisbon, where Cascais, Cabo da Roca and Beach of Carcavelos, if you would like to know where the Lisboetas relax at the weekend, where is the Serra da Arrabida and Costa da Caparica, if you want to discover the streets of Alfama and feel the Fado, then this Package is for you!

WINE TOUR PACKAGE 4 Days for ToursLisbon - 2 Days for ToursPorto - 2 Days for Tours

Per Person373,4€

4 or more338,30€ Per person

Evora and Arrabida in central Portugal, and Porto and Douro in northern Portugal. 4 days of tours to taste the best Wines produced in Portuguese lands! White Wine, Red Wine, Port Wine and Moscatel Wine, enjoy your stay in Portugal to discover the tradition and the culture of Wine in various corners of the Country. Come and taste your taste buds in one of the most famous farms of the Country! !

HISTORY CULTURAL PORTUGAL PACKAGE 6 Days for ToursLisbon - 4 Days for ToursPorto - 2 Days for Tours

Per Person502,6€

4 or more467,5€ Per person

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Fatima and Tomar in the Center of Portugal, and Porto, Braga and Guimarães in the North of Portugal. Friends of History, Lovers of Architecture, Lovers of Tradition, travel through times with experienced guides to know everything about Portugal. From its foundation to the present day, Portugal has erected and reinvented itself over and over again through various cultures, religious times and its traveling veins. Watch true History classes by visiting the Marvelous Places and Monuments of the long and fascinating walk of this Millennial Country!

HISTORY CULTURAL CENTRE PACKAGE 5 Days for ToursAccommodation in Lisbon

Per person344,25€

Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Fatima, Tomar and Evora. If it was in the North of the Country that Portugal was founded in 1143, some of the earliest vestiges of the human presence on Portuguese soil are precisely in the Center. From Evora to Tomar passing through Lisbon, let yourself be cradled by the portrait of a land where Romans, Moors and Spain walked, these cultures having left a very visible legacy in the Architecture of the Center of the Country and even in the name of some of its neighborhoods and Monuments. It was also from the Center that some of the greatest maritime expeditions ever took place, placing Portugal and Lisbon on the map of the fifteenth century's greatest world potentials and fomenting their image of Heroes of the Sea!

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  • These tours are not Private

  • Not Included in our values
    - Meals
    - Monuments Fees
    - Flights To / From Portugal
    - Accommodation

  • Displacement Lisbon -> Porto or Porto -> Lisbon
    You can take the trip from Lisbon to Porto by train. The connection between Lisbon and Porto is direct. There are several types of trains, but we recommend the "Alfa Pendular", comfortable and fast. The trip takes about ~ 3h. The station within the city of Lisbon is called Lisbon - Santa Apolónia and the station in Porto is called Porto - Campanhã. You can buy tickets at the ticket office of the station, there are normally no queues and the purchase is immediate, it does not usually run out.
    Can view information Prices and Schedule Train in www.cp.pt

  • All Tours are Full day Tour. We do not make hurry Tours. We give you time to make a quiet and unhurried tour

  • We try not to mix different languages in the same Vehicle. It will be more productive for you and less tiring for the Guide. However, in exceptional cases the Tour can be done in more than one language

  • The Tours schedule and routes are Flexible. The most important thing is we provide we a wonderful day and and respond to the wishes of tourists

  • Prices Monuments Fees are not included in the Tour value so that the tourists can decide whether or not they would like to visit some of the monuments.

  • it´s a free Tour for Children up to 2 years. Children from 3 to 6 years pay 50%

  • The tours are made in Vans with 8 places with a guide. When the group consists of more than 8 people will be Disclosed two vans and two guides. In case of need or unavailable Vans 8 places, we use vehicles with greater capacity.
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  • Time Is planned to attend a Mass at the Shrine of Fatima. Estimated time of the Mass is at 11:00. We can not be held responsible for last minute changes to the schedules of Masses

  • The Time Management to visit the Monuments, Stop for photos and lunch time is made by the guide which will take into account the Tour Programme and the interest expressed by tourists.

  • We have no deal with restaurants. We only recommend the restaurant where you can have lunch. The Choice is Yours