• All Tours are Full day Tour. We do not make hurry Tours. We give you time to make a quiet and unhurried tour

  • We try not to mix different languages in the same Vehicle. It will be more productive for you and less tiring for the Guide. However, in exceptional cases the Tour can be done in more than one language

  • The Tours schedule and routes are Flexible. The most important thing is we provide we a wonderful day and and respond to the wishes of tourists

  • Prices Monuments Fees are not included in the Tour value so that the tourists can decide whether or not they would like to visit some of the monuments.

  • The tours are made in Vans with 8 places with a guide. When the group consists of more than 8 people will be Disclosed two vans and two guides. In case of need or unavailable Vans 8 places, we use vehicles with greater capacity.
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  • In order not to harm the Tour program we give you the necessary and sufficient time to have a quiet visit to the interior of Monuments.

  • As provas de vinhos não estão incluidas nos preços dos Tours. As reservas para prova de vinhos só são efectuadas e reservadas a pedido do Cliente. Se cancelada no proprio dia da Visita o Cliente assume o Pagamento da Visita á Quinta

  • The Time Management to visit the Monuments, Stop for photos and lunch time is made by the guide which will take into account the Tour Programme and the interest expressed by tourists.

  • Time Is planned to attend a Mass at the Shrine of Fatima. Estimated time of the Mass is at 11:00. We can not be held responsible for last minute changes to the schedules of Masses

  • We have no deal with restaurants. We only recommend the restaurant where you can have lunch. The Choice is Yours

  • Admission to the Monuments that are part of the Tours is Optional. Celina Tours cannot be held responsible for any failure to enter the Monument for reasons beyond Celina Tours.

  • Here follows information of the entrance prices in the Monuments in the several Cities and Locations where we passed. Prices may change. Check the Sites of the respective Monuments to confirm the prices

    - Monastery of the Jeronimos: 10 €
    - Church of the Jeronimos Monastery: 0 €
    - Tower of Belem: 6 €
    - Monument of the Discoveries: 4 €
    - Castle of São Jorge: 9 €

    - Palacio Pena: 14 €
    - National Palace Sintra: 10 €
    - Quinta da Regaleira: 6 €
    - Castle of the Moors: 8 €

    - Mafra Palace: 6€
    - Queluz Palace: 10€

    - Cathedral of Évora: 1,50 €
    - Chapel of the Bones: 2 €

    - Castle Almourol: 2 €
    - Convent of Christ: 6 €