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About Évora

Classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO since 1986. Évora is called the "White City" and also “City Museum”. Évora dazzles his visitors with lush architectural and artistic, monumental churches, historic squares, white houses and narrow medieval streets. Évora invites you to discover a city that is synonymous of mix of cultures.

Cultures that settled indelible marks and are the origin of the Portuguese identity. Romans to the Arabs, Jews to Christians, all its traditions and expressions are clearly present here. The former residence of kings, and a driving center of the empire arts and sciences lands of popular and religious. Évora is now a dynamic city that invites you to come back .

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Tour to Évora and Arraiolos Program


After arrival in Evora, we start at the city center. Évora was taken from the moors by Geraldo'' Sem Medo'' no fear. In 1166 in the Middle Ages became one of the most prosperous cities of the kingdom, especially during the Avis Dynasty (1385-1580)

Palacio Queluz Sintra

We will continue our tour visiting the Temple of Diana. It is a corinthian style temple, built in the early first century DC. This is what remains of the Évora city forum and was dedicated to the imperial cult, contrary to what comes to us by popular tradition, which identified him as being dedicated to Diana, Roman goddess of hunting

Then we left to the Chapel of Bones. It is a chapel of S. Francisco church whose walls are all lined with human bones. It was a place where monks meditate about death.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)

We will visit Évora Cathedral. This is a Romanesque-Gothic building for the century XIII-XIV. You can climb to the towers and go to the roof where you have amazing views over the city and the countryside

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)


Visit of a production farm of Wines to its facilities and manufacturing process

  • visit the wine cellar

After the visit, follows a Wine Tasting and Olive Oil Wine tasting aims is to challenge the 4 senses. touch it, observe it, breathe it and feel it flavor

Visit and Wine Tasting: Extra Cost: 20€ Per person
Under 18: free without proof

  • Wine Tasting


Back to Lisbon we will pass to Arraiolos, located about 20 km northwest of Évora. We will see the Castle (XIV century), and the church of “Senhor dos Passos” (rebuilt in the nineteenth century).

  • Stop for photos

We cannot miss the famous Arraiolos carpets. The Arraiolos carpets are wool rugs embroidered with the stitch with the same name, on a jute cloth, cotton or linen, knowledge passed from generation to generation

  • Stop for photos

(*) The guides accompany the visit inside the monuments since they can park the car in Safety

Reasons to make Évora Tour

Knowing a City Heritage of Humanity

Évora is a city that is a book of Portuguese art history. To visit the best way to do it is on foot, walking through the narrow streets of whitewashed houses, to go discovering the monuments and the details that reveal the history of Évora and the richness of its heritage

Knowing the Historic Centre of Évora

Évora acquired, since ancient times, a political and social importance to all civilizations that have marked the current Portuguese territory, having as urban pole wealth than two thousand years of history.

Visit a Wine Farm and Wine Tasting

During the visit you will know the history of the farm and its wines. After visiting the winery, the wineries, and the wine cellar, it goes to the testing room of the Quinta where you can try delicious Alentejo wines. Tour and Wine Tasting is not included in the Tour Amount

Knowing a village Alentejo - Arraiolos

Arraiolos is known mainly for its typical embroideries that are passed from generation to generation. With traces of human presence ancient times, probably since the Neolithic, or even from the Chalcolithic, the region of the municipality of Arraiolos has even had a significant human occupation from the IV millennium BC

Arraiolos carpets

The Arraiolos carpets are wool carpets embroidered with the stitch with the same name, on a jute fabric, cotton or linen, characteristic of the Alentejo town of Arraiolos in Portugal. The Arraiolos embroidery has the advantage of giving the facts tapestry convenient endurance and consistency and allows faithful reproduction of all geometric designs and the most artistic designs.

Additional information

  • All Tours are Full day Tour. We do not make hurry Tours. We give you time to make a quiet and unhurried tour

  • We try not to mix different languages in the same Vehicle. It will be more productive for you and less tiring for the Guide. However, in exceptional cases the Tour can be done in more than one language

  • The Tours schedule and routes are Flexible. The most important thing is we provide we a wonderful day and and respond to the wishes of tourists

  • Prices Monuments Fees are not included in the Tour value so that the tourists can decide whether or not they would like to visit some of the monuments.

  • it´s a free Tour for Children up to 2 years. Children from 3 to 6 years pay 50%

  • The tours are made in Vans with 8 places with a guide. When the group consists of more than 8 people will be Disclosed two vans and two guides. In case of need or unavailable Vans 8 places, we use vehicles with greater capacity.
    Info About Celina Tours Fleet

  • Is scheduled time for the visit to the interior of Queluz Palace and Pena Palace. On the other monuments we stop for photos.

  • In order not to harm the Tour program we give you the necessary and sufficient time to have a quiet visit to the interior of Monuments.

  • During the visit you will know the history of the farm and its wines. After visiting the winery, the wineries, and the wine cellar, it goes to the testing room of the Quinta where you can try delicious Alentejo wines. Tour and Wine Tasting is not included in the Tour Amount

  • The Time Management to visit the Monuments, Stop for photos and lunch time is made by the guide which will take into account the Tour Programme and the interest expressed by tourists.

  • We have no deal with restaurants. We only recommend the restaurant where you can have lunch. The Choice is Yours

  • Entry prices per person to the Monuments in Évora Tour - The visit is Optional
    - Price Evora Cathedral : 1,50€
    - Price Chapel of Bones : 2€

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Visite and wine Tasting

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Wine Tasting and Arraiolos

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