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Why a Day trip to Aveiro and Coimbra from Porto?

Coimbra Rising scenically from the Rio Mondego, Coimbra is an animated city steeped in history. It was Portugal’s medieval capital for more than a century and it's home to the country’s oldest and most prestigious university. Its steeply stacked historic centre dates to Moorish times and is wonderfully atmospheric, with its dark cobbled lanes and monumental cathedral. On summer evenings, the city’s old stone walls reverberate with the haunting metallic notes of the guitarra (Portuguese guitar) and the full, deep voices of fado singers s a tourist, there are three distinct aspects to Coimbra; the modern city, the university and the ancient past. Modern Coimbra is a city energised by the large student population, boasting a colourful nightlife and blossoming artisan scene. The university brings the heritage, awe-inspiring faculty buildings and deep-rooted traditions of one of the world’s oldest universities. Finally, there is ancient Coimbra, with Moorish fortifications, Gothic religious buildings and tales of legends and miracles.

Aveiro - Situated on the edge of an extensive coastal lagoon system, Aveiro is a prosperous town with a good-looking centre and a youthful, energetic buzz. It's occasionally dubbed the Venice of Portugal thanks to its small network of picturesque canals. But where the Italian city has gondolas, Aveiro has moliceiros – colourful boats traditionally used for seaweed-harvesting but now used for canal cruises. The city lies on the edge of the Ria de Aveiro, an expansive saltwater lagoon that was historically farmed for its seaweed, salt and bountiful fish. Aveiro is often visited as a day trip from Porto, being connected by a direct train and offering a range of unique sights and activities. For visitors who wish to spend longer in Aveiro will discover a fascinating destination, with outstanding restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and the beautiful beaches of Costa Nova coastline. There is a lot to love about Aveiro, and we highly recommend you visit during your holiday to Portugal.

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Day Trip Aveiro Coimbra Program Tour From Porto


Aveiro is an unusual and remarkable town. Its economic growth has been driven by the surrounding salt pans and the shallow coastal lagoons. There is a lot of love for this prosperous town, known as the Venice of Portugal. It is a city that is an absolute pleasure to visit, with its youthful, energetic buzz and its narrow streets and typical colourful houses. But what makes it so fascinating is its uniqueness, characterised by its bold, Art Nouveau buildings, picturesque water canals and its pretty boats, all of which are now adapted for tourism. If you have not been already, Aveiro is certainly a place that should be visited during a longer stay in the Porto region.


Palacio Queluz Sintra

Boat Trip in Ria de Aveiro : 1H
The thing you definitely have to do during a trip to Aveiro is take a trip on the colorful canal boats, otherwise known as “moliceiros”. A moliceiro trip through this quaint city will provide you with a unique viewpoint so you can admire the city from the water. The tour guides (all of whom speak English, French, Spanish & Portuguse) will teach you fun and interesting facts about the city’s sites and history. The moliceiro rides last 45 minutes, and will take you through the center, as well as to the outskirts of the city.
Extra costs: 10 € Per Person


Palacio Queluz Sintra

Visit the Typical house of Aveiro and Salinas Here you have the opportunity to relax, having the sea as landscape, or to practice some kind of water sport. At ‘Praia da Barra’ you will find the oldest lighthouse of Portugal and at ‘Praia da Costa Nova’ you’ll have the opportunity to visit the typical houses with colored stripes. The exploitation of salt in the Aveiro region dates back to a time before the very existence of the Ria. The first written document about Aveiro salt is older than the founding of Portugal. The saltpans are part of a set of ditches, canals, ponds and evaporation ponds separated by dikes, embankments and pan walls colonized by the typical vegetation of the marshes.


Coimbra has a rich past and is home to one of the oldest Universities in the world, being also home to a lively community with its own art, tradition and culture. If we add that the city in a beautiful natural setting marked by the presence of the poetic Mondego River, you’ll know there is plenty to be visited and done around here. Don’t worry, we are happy to have you here and will be even happier to help you discover our city. Coimbra is the “City of Students”, the land of love, the World Heritage Site. It’s like a paradise, halfway between Porto and Lisbon. Discover now the best places and emblematic sites to visit in Coimbra, the ancient city!


Visit to University of Coimbra “World Heritage” and Library “The Most Spectacular in the World” This University is not only the oldest in Portugal as it is also the oldest in the world. Built in 1290, this same University started to work in Lisbon, but in 1308 was transferred to Coimbra, being only settled in the city in 1537. The University is highly connected to intellectuals devoted to all kinds of sciences, it’s part of the Portuguese culture and it’s also important in politics. If you study here, you’ll be recognised. Situated on the hill of the city, the University of Coimbra was the former Royal Palace in Portugal, where many important moments in the History of Portugal happened, including the birth and home of the first Kings of Portugal.


Old Convent of Sta Clara This fine Gothic church, where the remains of Inês de Castro rested before being transferred to Alcobaça, has been gradually reduced to ruins by the Mondego sands. Where sand was cleared the foundations of the cloister, nave and chancel were found. An interpretation centre charts the history of the building and how it was saved, as well as the daily life of the nuns of the Order of St Clare who lived within these walls from the 14C to 17C.


The Old Cathedral is one of the romantic style buildings most important of Portugal. The Sé Velha (Old Cathedral) in Coimbra was the first cathedral built in the town in the 12th century when Coimbra was the capital of Portugal. The Sé Nova (New Cathedral) was so designated in the 18th century. The Sé Velha was built in the Romanesque style when the Portuguese were still battling the Moors. The design thus resembles a fortress with its narrow windows and battlements. The church was designed by the French architect Master Robert and was completed between 1162-1184. It was financed by the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques.

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