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About Arrábida and Moscatel Wine

The Arrábida Natural Park extends over an area of 10,800 acres, covers the area of Setubal, Palmela and Sesimbra. The Originality of the landscape is due not only to its natural but also to the remote humanization features of these spaces, which generally developed in harmony with the natural environment.

Moscatel from Setúbal is the flagship wine of the Wine Region of Setúbal and one of the Portuguese wines treasures. It is in this region that, from time immemorial, they produce the most prestigious Portuguese fortified wines, enjoyed by kings and people. By the time of D. Dinis (1261-1325) this wine had enough fame. In 1381 already exported large quantities of this wine to England.

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Tour Arrábida and Sesimbra Program


Palmela Castle Pousada - Inside the walled area of the Palmela Castle, Donated by D. Sancho I in the century XV to the military Order of Santiago. Major works were made in the century XV, particularly in the western sector, where a church and convent of Santiago where constructed “Order´s headquarters”. Later, in the late XVII century, a new convent was built. Palmela Castle is classified as a national monument since 1910.

  • Scheduled to visit the monument (*)
Palacio Queluz Sintra

Tasting the Cheese Azeitão -Before wine Tasting we make a stop in Azeitão to taste Azeitão cheese

Visit to Handmade Tiles Factory which maintains the process of hand-made, with origins in the eighteenth century and the technique using stoneware. Visitors can enjoy the various stages of the manufacturing process, from the glazing and finishing in the paint. They can also enjoy the experience of paint your own tile.

  • Scheduled to visit the factory


Quinta da Bacalhoa - Considered the most beautiful farmhouse from the first half of the fifteenth century still exists in Portugal, Quinta da Bacalhôa is an old property of the Portuguese Royal House. Located in Azeitão, Quinta and the famous Bacalhôa Palace are an artistic monument of great importance for the country.

Visit to the “Quinta da Bacalhoa” cellar From the inside to outside, we can see uniques parts of the private art collection, through the gardens and the vineyards to the lake house where we can find the first tile “azulejo” dated in Portugal

  • Visit the Cellar

Moscatel Wine Tasting - Moscatel is the name given to a group of very sweet grape varieties. Various wines and sparkling wines are produced from Moscatel grapes, always having the characteristic sweetish. In general, accompany fine desserts and when ice cream are refreshing and also as appetizer.
Visit and Wine Tasting: Extra Cost: 10 € Per Person

  • Tasting Moscatel Wine


The Originality of the landscape is due not only to its natural but also to the remote humanization features of these spaces, which generally developed in harmony with the natural environment . Arrábida hills are a group of elevations and several hills as the hill of “S. Luis”, “Gaiteiros”, “S. Francisco” and “Louro”, and the highest Arrábida Hill.

  • Stop for photos

“Portinho da Arrábida” - One of the most beautiful portuguese beaches, where white sand, transparent waters and bright set a fantastic contrast to the imposing austerity of Arrábida

  • Stop for photos

Sesimbra - Clearly has the charm of a land of people of the sea. A stroll through the narrow and steep streets allows us to observe the decorations of the houses related to the sea. The presence of nets and other fishing gear, do not deny that we are right in the center of a land of fishermen..

  • Stop for photos

Cabo Espichel – “Espichel” cape is in the extreme southwestern of Setúbal near Sesimbra. The beauty of the landscape stands out on this cape. The Lighthouse and the “Our Lady” Shrine.

  • Stop for photos

(*) The guides accompany the visit inside the monuments since they can park the car in Safety

Reason to Make Tour to Arrábida and Sesimbra

Knowing Palmela Castle

Here, you can remember with local history and discover this valuable monumental set. Within the walls of the Castle you will find: the Palmela Historic Inn located in the former convent; Church of Santiago - a national monument; the ruins of the Church of Sta. Maria

Knowing the castle of Sesimbra

The primitive fortification Sesimbra, is attributed to Muslims, but this region was occupied by several people, before the Arab invasion of the peninsula, as the Romans and the Visigoths

Visitar Serra da Arrábida

The Arrébida Hill are rough terrain with strong levels situated on the north bank of the Sado River estuary, in the Peninsula of Setubal, Portugal, with the highest point at 501 meters altitude and peculiar characteristics of climate and flora The beaches protected by the mountain range, of peaceful and transparent waters. The Portinho Arrábida a bay with a small island, Anicha, which forms a natural harbor sheltered by the mountains

Tanting Moscatel Wine

Moscatel de Setúbal is the flagship wine of the wine region of the Region of Setúbal and one of the treasures of Portuguese wines. It is in this region that since a long time, are produced the most prestigious Portuguese fortified wines, appreciated by kings and for the people. From the time of King Dinis (1261-1325) Setúbal wine had enough fame

Tasting cheese Azeitão

The origins of Azeitão cheese date back to the early nineteenth century, when a farmer tried to recreate in this region, the cheese production of his native area, the Beira Baixa. With some surprise, the results were very different than expected and it was from there that developed the current production technique that is one of the most appreciated national cheese.

know the Cabo Espichel

The lighthouse of Cabo Espichel is a Portuguese lighthouse that is located in the eponymous cable. it is said that already in 1430 the brotherhood of Our Lady of the Cape had installed a predecessor of the current lighthouse beacon. The Shrine of Our Lady of Cape Espichel, also known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Mua Stone. For over 600 years, a chapel was built to save an image of the Virgin, venerated long on top of the cliff where it was found.

(*) The guides accompany the visit inside the monuments since they can park the car in Safety

(**) The Value indicated for senior citizens only applies when booking 2 or more Tours

Additional information

  • All Tours are Full day Tour. We do not make hurry Tours. We give you time to make a quiet and unhurried tour

  • We try not to mix different languages in the same Vehicle. It will be more productive for you and less tiring for the Guide. However, in exceptional cases the Tour can be done in more than one language

  • The Tours schedule and routes are Flexible. The most important thing is we provide we a wonderful day and and respond to the wishes of tourists

  • Prices Monuments Fees are not included in the Tour value so that the tourists can decide whether or not they would like to visit some of the monuments.

  • it´s a free Tour for Children up to 2 years. Children from 3 to 6 years pay 50%

  • The tours are made in Vans with 8 places with a guide. When the group consists of more than 8 people will be Disclosed two vans and two guides. In case of need or unavailable Vans 8 places, we use vehicles with greater capacity.
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  • Is scheduled time for the visit to the interior of Queluz Palace and Pena Palace. On the other monuments we stop for photos.

  • In order not to harm the Tour program we give you the necessary and sufficient time to have a quiet visit to the interior of Monuments.

  • The Time Management to visit the Monuments, Stop for photos and lunch time is made by the guide which will take into account the Tour Programme and the interest expressed by tourists.

  • We have no deal with restaurants. We only recommend the restaurant where you can have lunch. The Choice is Yours

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