Want to Travel Alone Portugal?


All questions for those Who Are traveling alone with Celina Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

2 People is the minimum number to take a Tour

When we accept in advance booking and payment from people who are traveling alone, could happen that for that same day there are no more people to take the Tour. As well can also happen the unexpected cancellation from of people with reservations for the same day and in that case you are alone on the Tour. As the minimum number of people to take the Tour is 2 people, we would have to cancel the Tour and give you the Money Back. To avoid this situation for you thats why we only accept reservations less than 48h for Solo Travelers

Yes, Even if you are traveling alone, if you want to guarantee your tour, you can make any tour reservation if you pay for 2 people. If on the same day on the same Tour there are more people we will refund the amount you paid for the second person

No. As long as there are other people on the Tour

Yes, absolutely. Our tours are designed to serve travelers of a wide age group. With an average age of around 40, many single travelers over 50 participate in our Tours, so you won't feel out of place. As long as you feel young at heart, have an open mind and a thirst for new travel experiences, you will have a great vacation with us.

Our tours attract a range of people of various ages and from different countries, with a mix of individual travelers, couples and groups of friends traveling together. It is common to have individual travelers on our tours in all destinations, so it may happen that you are not the only one to Solo Traveler

If you decide to make the Payment for 2 People to guarantee your Tour, the reservation process is normal. You can book and make the payment in advance. If you do not wish to pay for 2 People you will have to contact by Phone or WhatsApp with less than 48H in advance. If it is possible to join to an existing group, the reservation is confirmed and Payment is made directly to the Guide at the beginning of the Tour