Carris is the exclusive carrier of transporting passengers in Lisbon
Schedules and city maps are available at all stations.
For a tourist tour in Lisbon there is "Eléctrico n.28", the historic tram that shows you the best sights of Lisbon, Alfama, Bairro Alto and others

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To move between several cities in Portugal you can do it bu using buses

A Rede Nacional de Expressos connects hundreds of locations every day.

If you wish to travel to other European cities InterNorte connects Portugal to the most important destinations in Europe.


Portugal has a wide network of railways that connect Lisbon with the rest of the country.

Trains are a good alternative to buses and car rentals. They are very comfortable and very affordable prices.

For journeys between cities of Portugal's network of regional trains allows to reach many destinations across the country.

Intercity service connects Lisbon to major cities in the country. Faro-Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto-Braga. The Alfa pendular takes you from the south to north of Portugal in a few hours. International travel to the CP network connects Portugal to the most important cities of Spain and France.

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The Transtejo and Soflusa provide a public river transport integrated into the global system of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, is a fundamental element in the Tagus. This way you can cross the river and visit all the towns south of the Tagus river

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Taxis are usually ivory-beige color, while still some vehicles black with green roofs, the traditional colors of taxis in Portugal.

Calling a taxi over the phone requires the payment of an additional fee, and transporting luggage in the trunk, also implies an extra payment, regardless of the number of volumes and weight.

The transport of cots, prams and wheelchairs or mobility aids is free.

Outside the towns transportation by taxi is paid per kilometer, and the amount previously agreed between the driver and passenger.

Tolls flow and return, if any, are paid by the customer.

Tipping is voluntary,