Hospital Santa Maria - Tel : 21 780 5000 - Av. Prof. Egas Moniz

Hospital da Luz
- Tel : 217 104 400 - Avenida Lusíada 100

Hospital da Cuf - Tel : 213 926 100 - Avenida Infante Santo

Maternidade Alfredo da Costa - Tel : 213 184 000 - Rua do Viriato

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa - Tel : 217 714 000 - Rua Duarte Galvão 54


Embassy of Brazil - Tel : 21 7248510

Embassy of Spain - Tel : 21 347 23 84.

Embassy of France - Tel : 21 393 91 00

Embassy of England- Tel : 21 392 4000


Police - Tel : 217 654 242

National Fire Service- Tel : 21 342 2222

SOS - National Emergency - Tel : 112

In case of accident or if you do not know where to turn, call this number. A technical expert will answer it and forward it to the service that can best serve.


Portuguese Red Cross - Tel : 21 771 4000
With great tradition in aid to populations in difficulties, The Red Cross is also an essential partner in case of disaster.

Poisoning - Tel : 21 795 0143
A picket of urgency always ready to meet in case of food poisoning or chemical. This service also has a burn unit.

Civil protection- Tel : 21 424 7100
It is this institution that coordinates all operations to aid the population in case of natural disasters, war or accidents arising from chemical or radioactive contamination on.


Public Phones
In public telephone booths can be used coins and special cards that are for sale in Portugal Telecom shops, post offices and in some kiosks and tobacco stores
All telephone numbers in Portugal are composed of nine digits.

To call from abroad to Lisbon

international Code 00
country code351
O código da cidade : 21
Followed by the desired number

exemple : 00351 21 999 99 99

To call from lisbon to abroad:
dial 00
Country Code
City Code,
Followed by the desired number

The countries codes are affixed in public telephone booths.

Mobile Phones
Portugal is one of the countries with the largest number of mobile phone users.
The three network service providers - TMN, Vodafone and Optimus - maintain roaming agreements with most international airlines, and provide a good coverage nationwide.

Our Law prohibits the use of mobile phones while driving, except if used devices speakerphone or headset, has been set penalties for violations.

For a fee, the Internet access is available in some cafés and in numerous post offices that have the Netpost service.
In various hotels and public spaces like Airports, Conference centers, Restaurants, Service Areas and Shopping Centres, there are zones "wireless" or "wi-fi" clearly marked, where you can access the Internet wirelessly.