HEALTHY AND SAFE Establishment Statement

The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus causative agent of COVID-19 as an international public health emergency. To avoid risks and infections, ensuring the existence of an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures, this establishment declares to fulfill the requirements defined by Turismo de Portugal, according to the guidelines of the (DGS) General Directorate of Portuguese Health, which allows it to be considered a HEALTHY & SAFE Establishment.

Your health and safety is our priority

 Here are some healthy travel habits recommended by the World Health Organization and the General Directorate of Portuguese Health -
Make sure to practice them on your next tour with Celina Tours

Health Protocols

Monitoring of Visiting Sites:

We are constantly monitoring all Sites that are part of our Tours

In order to maintain a safe environment, tourists and guides will have temperature control and access will be denied to anyone who presents any symptoms of illness or does not present themselves with the minimum legal requirements, such as masks and / or protective visors. .

We are establishing an extra disinfection and cleaning process in all Celina Tours vehicles. This includes more frequently cleaning all surfaces that may have been touched by anyone and will be regularly disinfected, before and after each Service.

All guides will be properly protected with Masks, Visors and disinfectants throughout the Service

we increased the use of hand alcohol in all our vehicles. The guide will use dispensers of this alcohol during the Tour and will make it available to each Tourist before entering the Vehicles.

Our team is following the global health progress daily. We are also in contact with health authorities and travel industry companions so that we can act quickly as the situation evolves.

Recommended Travel Habits

Wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds

This is especially important to do, after using the bathroom and before enjoying any of the delicious snacks in any establishment during the Tour

Use hand sanitizer

Clean your hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Our Guide will provide disinfectant during the Tour

Keep your distance from others

Aim for 2 meters of separation whenever possible, and replace the handshakes with your favorite “no-touch” greeting

Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze

Use your elbow or a folded tissue.

Don't touch your face

Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth.

Wear community masks

It is mandatory to use community masks inside the vehicles used by Celina Tours, Restaurants, and in all closed spaces.